Shunyata Research - Cobra Zi-Tron C19 Power Cord With 20A Plug - 1.75M


Like new in original packaging. 20A PLUG!

Serial: CZT - 7212

From "The Audio Beat" by Marc Mickelson:

The Cobra line is Shunyata's least expensive to employ Zi-Tron technology, but it doesn't cut corners when it comes to two of Shunyata's core design features. Like earlier and much more costly cables, Cobra uses Shunyata's own über-purity copper wire drawn from CDA 101 ingots.

This wire is said to improve resolution "by reducing eddy-currents and waveform reflections.

The wire is cryogenically treated to -310 Fahrenheit, another Shunyata tenet.

The chief differences between Cobra and the pricier Anaconda and Python lines is that the conductors for those are heavier and they utilize Shunyata's "hollow virtual tube geometry.

The core technologies -- Zi-Tron, CDA 101, cryo treatment -- are the same for all three.

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