Roksan Xerxes Turntable with Improved SME and PS/2 Outboard Power Supply


This uniquely named manual turntable model was made for a few decades in the UK and it had great reviews over the years. I don't think they make this exact model any longer and I think it's a great classic turntable.

The Xerxes features an external power supply which takes all the noisy parts and puts them in a separate box to make sure it doesn't interfere with the performance of the table. They claim that it's a "Dual Phase Class A Bi-Amp Crystal Reference Motor Drive." Not sure what all that REALLY means, but it certainly sounds and feels high-end and expensive. You can also see evidence this table is from/designed the mid 80's in London from the markings on the bottom of the power supply. It's currently set to 110v, 60hz, and I suspect it can be modified to 220 if needed.

We fitted this table with an SME Series III S tonearm which is a great match as it was originally designed for use with an SME tonearm. We also fitted it with a brand new high output moving coil Sumiko Reference Series Songbird Cartridge that was just released into the market and is getting great reviews. Tuned to perfection so you can begin spinning your vinyl without delay.

If you look up this table on the internet at some point you'll come across posts from people that had issues with this turntable. The table has a very ingenious design that has a tonearm cutout that provides isolation from the rest of the table. But over the years from the weight of the arm some owners had issues with it sagging. It's an easy fix and we took care of it, so you shouldn't have to worry about it for a long time moving forward.

Condition is pretty good, I would say it's about an 8/10, the woodwork is very clean, and so is the power supply. I don't see any significant scratches or anything notable at all.

The dust cover is included is a smoked model. It has some very light surface scratches but nothing very visible at all.

Another neat feature about this turntable - looks like Roksan had a theory that by removing the center pin on the platter you would get better performance. So once you put the record on, you can actually remove it and just let the record sit in the center itself.

Overall operation is very simple, with an aluminum spindle and aluminum pulley set for single speed 33.3 RPM. So if you have 45's this is probably not the turntable for you.

Includes the outboard power supply, cables, dust cover, and a New Sumiko Songbird cartridge which is a $900 value on its own



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