Rogers Studio 1 Vintage Professional Speakers


• Matching serial numbers A/B
XLR Inputs for studio use
Impeccable fabric grills
8 Ohms 300W capable
• Bextrene (not a typo) bass driver, tweeter, and super tweeter design
Gorgeous light maple real wood veneer

The Rogers Studio 1
The is the first loudspeaker in the "Studio" series, and is a continuation of the format established by the BBC LS3/6 and Rogers Export Monitor.

It uses an 8" Bextrene bass driver that was built in-house, using a diecast aluminium chassis - the first drive unit that Rogers designed and manufacturered themselves, I believe. It also used the Celestion HF1300 plus supertweeter layout that the earlier models used.

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Frequency response within ± 3dB:
64 Hz to 20 kHz

Voltage sensitivity:
84 dB/W

Approximate maximum sound level:
104 dBA

Dimensions - Each:
12" x 12" x 25" (W x D x H)

Weight - Each:
31 lbs.

From a 1981 Hi-Fi Choice Review written by Martin Colloms:
Despite or perhaps because of the minor changes, the Studio has kept the promise shown by the original samples. It is an exceptional performer by Choice standards, and if the bass balance is deemed acceptable, then there is little else to criticise. It offers a wide and smooth response, a high power capacity and dynamic range, plus a level of coloration and neutrality in the genuine monitor class. It was very well finished and engineered, and continues to be confidently recommended, the overall performance meriting Best Buy status.

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