Richard Gray's Power Company AC Line Conditioner, Model 400S


This 400S line conditioner has a few surface scratches as shown in our photos, but is certainly presentable. 10/10 working condition.


"Since 1998, Richard Gray’s Power Company has engineered and manufactured top-of-the-line surge protection and power purification products. Over 50,000 of our products have been sold since then, all hand-made with great care at our plant in Illinois. So if you found us because you’re looking for a cheap, mass-produced surge protection and power conditioning solution, then you’re in the wrong place. But if you care about your AV performance and you’re looking for a high-quality product that not only works, but lasts, then you’re in the right place. Welcome!

Optimize - Do you know what you’re missing?

Imagine going to the eye doctor thinking you had perfect vision when you didn’t, and then seeing the world clearly and perfectly with a new set of glasses. You didn’t know what you were missing when you went in – but now that you do, you’re not going back. That’s the effect Richard Gray’s power purification products have on your AV performance.

As power makes its way through your structure, the signal get polluted by everything drawing power. That degraded signal means that your picture and sound quality are also degraded. Richard Gray’s power purification products’ unique, patented design balance and clean your power, minimizing signal loss, and optimizing Audio/Visual performance. You’ve invested a lot in your AV system because quality matters to you. So why stop there? Because once you’ve experienced the picture and sound quality that our power purification products deliver, you won’t be going back."

From a Stereophile review by Jonathan Scull:

"What is it?

Each Richard Gray's Power Company 400S comes in a powder-black rectangular housing with four gray (of course) Hubbell AC sockets on its face and an IEC mains-in fitting on the side. Whether you plug your components straight into a 400S or plug it into your system's power receptacles, the heart of the beast—the inductor—is wired in parallel, "bracketing" the AC. It offers, says RGPC, little or no resistance to the line: "Theoretically it can be placed anywhere within a circuit to provide high current on demand to all equipment within the same AC circuit. The closer your equipment is placed to the unit, the more quickly effective it becomes."


Description: Inductor-based AC line conditioner working on 100-135V AC at 60Hz, 14-gauge internal wiring, 15 amp IEC connector and plug. Detachable power cord.

Dimensions: 5.5" W, by 9" H, by 4.75" D

Weight: 20.5 lbs.

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