ReVox PR-99 MKIII Reel to Reel - Restored - Best Version With Variable Speed


The ReVox PR-99 MKIII is the most desirable version of this legendary deck, mostly because of the two tone look, variable speed control, and high-speed capabilities.

This is a substantial upgrade over the ReVox B-77 which is far more common and meant for residential settings.

This deck was restored elsewhere to a very high standard. Nice upgrades were performed to the cabinet, lower carbon trim, and the hub adapters.

It features a digital counter and analog meters which are backlit (sorry for the pictures with the machine off).

It is working perfectly and is fully calibrated. This machine is 1/2 track high-speed 7-1/2, and 15 IPS, which is the most desirable configuration for audiophiles.

We generally run a 3-6 month lead-time on ReVox decks, but this one is part of our private collection and we've made the decision to let it find a new home.

We also have an optional dolly (cart) on wheels that fits this machine perfectly for an additional $600 shipped. See the options at the bottom of this listing to add before checkout. 

This listing includes the PR-99 MKIII deck, power cord, two aluminum hub adapters and two aluminum ReVox take-up reels. Nothing else is included that is not mentioned here or shown in our photos. 

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