ReVox B215-S Tape Deck


This Revox looks and operates like it came out of a time capsule.

It is finished in the rare black and gold color of the latest model.

The previous owner was absolutely meticulous about his equipment. Not just in cosmetics but also in functionality.

I can’t remember the last time a tape deck arrived here in working condition. Well this unit passes with flying colors and does not need a bit of work.

Cosmetically it’s a 9.9. I reserve a 10 for something that has never been touched by human hands.

It comes complete like the day it left the factory in a double box with manual, tape cover, and power cable.  The original remote is not included.

Tape decks in great or even good working condition are becoming harder and harder to find and the recent selling prices reflect this.

There are plenty of beat up B215 units on eBay, but if you want a collectors piece in the rare black finish this is probably the only one you’ll find.

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