REL Acoustics Britannia B1 Subwoofer, Made in the UK


Very capable Britannia, and a perfect match for your British thin-wall speakers from brands like Spendor, Harbeth, Rogers etc.

Tested in our listening room for many months and working perfectly.

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The ONLY Sub Designed for Music Lovers!

Despite the B1's larger size and larger woofer, the B1 is lightning quick, faster indeed than the B2 or any of the others below it.

The B1 is voiced with far greater weight and authority in the bottom register, creating the kind of free-wheeling air shudder that real bass instruments project into real music venues at grand scale. Able to deliver brutal dynamic onset, the B1 is also able to retrieve tiny flutters of hall decay and reverberation that the others will miss.

Listening to the B1 is a visceral experience. Although it mates seamlessly with virtually any speaker, the B1 moves so much air that it is capable of truly bringing realistic acoustic power into any listening room.

The dulcet tones of a female vocalist, the shriek of a wailing guitar, the soft susurration of a wire whisk on a cymbal or the deep resonant power of a Kodo drum, the B1 makes every performance seem more real and involving. REL says that the B1 delivers bass that can only be called frightening. Although the B1 has certainly made us jump out of our pants a few times, we prefer to think of the B1 as the most intoxicating and involving subwoofer we've ever heard.

The B1's design is a bit different from the others in the Britannia series. The most visible difference is the gorgeous and powerful 12" ultra-long throw woofer bolted to the front, marking the first time in the company's history that a 12" woofer has graced an upper series REL.

Designed to handle several thousand watts and dig all the way down to a subterranean 13Hz, the B1's driver is outstanding, with shocking speed and transient performance, yet completely unflappable under any circumstance.

Complementing this outrageous transducer is the B1's 500W ultra high-current Class A/B amplifier; as fast as the woofer, with enormous capacitors and a very large toroidal transformer feeding it as much power as it needs. A heavy cabinet and an enormous 4.75" diameter ducted port complete the package.

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Kimber Kable - Subwoofer Interconnect

Kimber Kable - Power Cords

** IF you need a Neutrik style (SpeakON) connector please contact us before placing your order to discuss available options for an additional fee.

Enclosure Type:
Balanced ARM Loaded with Port

Port Diameter:
4.75 in

Input Connectors:
2-Neutrik Speakon
2-RCA Phono

Gain Control Range:
80 dB

500W DC Coupled MOSFET

Input Impedance:
100k Ohms, High Level, Two-Channel Unbalanced
100k Ohms, High Level, Single-Channel Balanced
10k Ohms, Low Level (LFE), Black 0dB, Red +12dB
10k Ohms, Low Level, Single Channel Balanced

Drive Unit:
12 inch Long Throw Heavy-Duty Cast Frame

Low Frequency Response:
13 Hz In Room at –6 dB

0 and 180 degrees

Dimensions (WHD):
15.25 x 26.5 x 18.5 in

97 lbs

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