REGA Mira 3 Integrated Amp with MM Phono Section


Very capable integrated from the UK. Low power, yet great sonics.

From a Stereophile Recommended Products Review by Jim Austin:
“The Mira 3 is in another league altogether—it feels heavy and solid and it looks good. The Rega Mira 3 offers excellent sound, nice features, and outstanding value. It would make a fine introduction to hi-fi for your bigbox friends—its superior value is readily apparent—but even high-end veterans will be able to appreciate what it does!”

Rega Standout Features Include:
• The Highest performance integrated amplifier to be produced by Rega.
• Highly Versatile, can be used as a Pre Amplifier or a Power Amplifier and in AV Systems.
• Improved version 3 Rega Alpha-Encoder control system.
• Digital control of the analog switched resistor volume control and input relays.
• Calibrated LED electronic volume display.
• High performance switched resistor volume control.
• Rega Custom built extruded aluminum case.
• High quality relays used in the input switching.
• Common base driver stage as used in the Maia & Exon amplifiers.

5x Line level
1x MM Phono input (44dB gain)
1x Power Amp Input (RCA)

1x Tape Loop
1x Preamp Output (RCA)

CD/Tuner/Line 1/Line 2/Tape input sensitivity:
220mV - Load 10KΩ.

Phono input sensitivity (moving magnet):
2.1mV. Load 47KΩ (in parallel with 100pF)

Pre-Amp Output level (with rated input levels):
818mV @ 470Ω

Power amplifier gain:

Volume control LED display and step data:
Each step of the volume control: 1dB
Each LED represents: 4dB
Total control range: 80dB (20 LED’s @ 4dB/LED)

Power Output (230V or 115V supply voltage):
61 Watts both channels driven into 8Ω
70 Watts only one channel driven into 8Ω
91 Watts both channels driven into 4Ω
115 Watts only one channel driven into 4Ω

Tape Output:
215mV Load 560Ω

Power Consumption:
225 Watts @ 230V or 115V @ 61 Watts - both channels driven into 8Ω

Dimensions (HWD):
3.5" x 17" x 12"

15 Lbs

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