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Red Rose Music R3 Ribbon Bookshelf Speakers (Mark Levinson)

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Red Rose Music R3 Ribbon Bookshelf Speakers (Mark Levinson)

Red Rose Music R3 Ribbon Bookshelf Speakers (Mark Levinson)

SkyFi 479

Pickup currently unavailable

479 South Broad Street
Glen Rock NJ 07452
United States


Somewhat rare set of the speakers from Red Rose Music (Mark Levinson) finished in a light oak wood.  

The last and only other pair we had sold immediately.

Originally $3500 for the set.

The R3 uses magnetic ribbon tweeters for ultra-precise high-frequencies. 

All drivers are operating well and produce great and accurate sound. We were pleasantly surprised at the amount and quality of bass produced from these smaller sized speakers.

Both cabinets do show some wear and tear but they are very presentable at any distance. Yellow maple hue is slightly different. Grills just had the fabric replaced and look super clean.

We also have a 3rd speaker available for spare parts or a center channel. Please inquire for price.

*Free shipping for a limited time.

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More from Red Rose & Stereophile (by Michael Fremer):
Red Rose Music is owned by the famed Mark Levinson.

The Red Rose R3 ribbon speaker is 17" tall, 10.5" deep, and 7.75" wide - very compact yet able to move a lot of air, easily filling large spaces with clear, natural sound.

$3500 may seem a lot for a pair of compact two-way loudspeakers, but the Red Rose R3 delivered big performance in every way.

At Red Rose Music's exhibit at CES 2001, a pair of R3s sat on stands in front of the large, imposing R1s.

When the demo was over, most in the crowd were sure they'd been hearing the R1s filling the big room, but they were mistaken: it was the R3s.

The R3s produced a superbly focused, airy, non-etchy, 3D picture far bigger than anyone would ever have expected from such a small speaker, and did so with unusual ease and grace.

They produced prodigious, remarkably deep bass that didn't color the midbass or midrange, and played remarkably loud while maintaining their dynamic abilities.

If they could do that in a big CES room, what do you think happened at home? Same thing, only better.

At CES, Mark Levinson mostly played small ensembles recorded live to DSD; I tested the R3s in far more trying musical circumstances. While they couldn't deliver a full symphony orchestra whole, the way my big Sonus Faber Amati Homages can, they came closer than any speaker this small has a right to—and they weren't bad with Led Zeppelin either.

More resolution of detail and more pinpoint imaging can probably be had elsewhere for $3500/pair, but not with such superb overall balance, deep bass, and ease of presentation.

The Red Rose R3 has nothing to apologize for, and that's rare in a small speaker. Check it out. I think you'll be impressed—even amazed.

Sonic Quality
Red Rose ribbons offer the most natural sound for all instruments and voice. From percussion and full-bore jazz to the most delicate vocals, you hear every musical detail clearly.

Easy to Drive
Red Rose ribbons are very easy to drive. While best performance is achieved with Red Rose electronics, astonishing sound is possible even with some low-cost receivers and multi-channel amplifiers.

Compact Size
For any given size, the sound output is far greater than one would think based on conventional speaker designs.

Red Rose ribbons disperse sound evenly without beaming or "hot spots." Natural tonal balance is present throughout the room, not just in a "magic spot."

Two-way, stand-mounted loudspeaker

Proprietary ribbon tweeters
5.25" Dynaudio polypropylene-cone woofers

4 ohms nominal

87 dB/W/m

Dimensions - Each:
8" W
11" D
17" H

Weight - Each:
17 lbs each



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Working Condition

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