Quad ESL-57 Vintage Electrostatic Speakers - "Best of the 60's" - NEW Price


Here we have what is arguably the best speaker from the 1950's - 60's.

This is not a loud rock and roll speaker - heck if you play them very loud you're likely to ruin the panels! But boy can they project a natural voice, piano, or a cello realistically enough to raise hairs on the back of your neck.

These feature black grills and original feet.

The drivers work perfectly with no rattles or signs of stress. The power cords have been upgraded to standard IEC, and the banana-style speaker input jacks are modern to allow current cables.

Physical condition is decent but they do have a few dings, scrapes, or cracks in the wood. But no structural issues.

Most audiophiles will agree there is no better speaker from this era. If you're an audiophile and haven't owned a set of these yet you owe it to yourself!

There's even this dedicated Wikipedia page to Quad electrostatic speakers with more info on the ESL-57's.

We can ship these anywhere within the lower 48 US States via flat-rate freight for $600. We can courier in our local area for slightly less, and we can also ship worldwide. Simply message us for more info if either of these apply to you.

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Original Box

Not Included


Not Included


Not Applicable


Yes - Power Only

Physical Condition

7 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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