ProAc Response 3.5 British Speakers in Gorgeous Mahogany Finish with Original Boxes


If you've been following our store then you probably know we're big fans of the ProAc Response Series speakers. They are *all* amazing. From the Response One, all the way past the Response 4.

Up until now I thought the sweet spot was the Response 2.5, a speaker I lived with exclusively for over 10 years. Well the 3.5 provides the same clarity, imaging, and detail, but with a bit more punch and bass. It's strikingly formidable for such a simple design.

This particular set came to us from a New England audiophile who took great care of his equipment. They were powered by a pair of Cary Audio tube monoblocks and a Cary Audio tube preamp, which we'll be listing soon. 

Condition is near perfect, rated at 9/10. We don't give a 9 rating very often, especially not when rating speakers.

You see the veneers on most of the ProAc's tend to fade from exposure to sunlight over a long period of time. However, these lived in a basement so they escaped that sorry progression. 

The 3.5's are slightly larger than the 3.8's in both height and width, but feature a very similar driver design and layout.

Tested in our lab and listening room where they performed flawlessly.

These come in their original packaging so we're also able to ship worldwide - just message us for a quote. Shipping quoted during checkout is for the US only (48 states).

Dimensions (Each):
11" W x 51" H x 13" D

Weight (Each):
114 lbs

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