Pro-Ject Audio RM-5 SE Turntable with New Grado Cartridge and Seismic Sink Base


POne of the best looking turntables on the market.

Simple, elegant, yet awesome sounding and easy to use. 

Near perfect condition with a brand new Grado Prestige Silver2 cartridge just installed and professionally calibrated so you can get up and running quickly.

Includes Pro-Ject’s 9cc tonearm, "a single-piece, conical carbon-fiber tube and headshell that is lightweight and rigid, yet easily adjustable." - from a Goldmine Magazine Review.

Mostly perfect except for a scratch on the perimeter of the platter, not visible with a record or mat in place.

Comes with a very advanced air-filled base made by Townshend Audio called The Seismic Sink. This base helps isolate the table from low frequency feedback and vibrations from the floor.

Includes: Turntable, base, record clamp, Grado phono cartridge, power supply, and a record brush.

We also offer the full range of phono cartridges that can be mounted and calibrated for you.  Or if you already have a favorite cartridge you are welcome to send it in and we will mount and professionally calibrate it on the table for you. Just make a selection and send us an email via

If you're unfamiliar with the setup of a turntable we can help on the phone or via FaceTime during your initial unboxing.  We’ve done this a bunch of times with great success. 

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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