Pioneer SX-626 Vintage Receiver - Survivor Condition - Dual Phono Inputs


I bought this nearly 15 years ago after having searched a great deal at the time on eBay/Craigslist/etc. for an example that was presentable.

Most had damaged wood cabinets, deep scratches/dents, various issues, and the worst being an old social # or name engraved right on the silver front panel!

I finally found this Pioneer SX-626 thanks to the the assistance of a super audiophile and historian that many of you have probably heard of.

The wood cabinet, faceplate, and internals were in excellent condition. And they still are as I ended up only using this for a brief time to tune in local jazz stations when I lived in NYC. Matched with a set of small but very respectable bookshelf speakers.

The musicality and dynamic range of the sound that came out of this little vintage receiver was much much better than it should have been. I was always impressed on FM especially.

When we tested this on our bench it drove our test equipment/speakers up to 40W per channel without breaking a sweat. This was originally underrated at 20 WPC.

It's been sitting unused in climate controlled storage for many years now which is a shame. Time for this to find a new home where someone will enjoy it as much as I have.

Some notes: The "Stereo" light no longer lights up on FM which never bothered me and is somewhat straightforward to replace the bulb if you wanted. There are also some very very light marks in the faceplate and wood that I tried to show off in the last photos in this listing. Difficult to see them unless you're looking at the right angle and with certain light.

This could easily be an 8/10 for physical condition but we're super conservative with our ratings and have therefore marked this 7/10. 

Included with your purchase is the receiver, a pair of the special Pioneer speaker adapters (plus one spare), and the hard-wired original power cord.

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More from Pioneer (Specs in photos):
A medium-powered stereo receiver with up to 110 watts of music power, low-noise FET, and high sensitivity FM tuner section.

The SX-626 stereo receiver is one of Pioneer's great stereo values. In one attractive, well-designed package, it offers the hi-fi enthusiast everything he could possibly desire in a medium-range power unit.

Including up to 110 watts of power (at 4 ohms), an FM tuner section of excellent selectivity and sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio, and two tape monitor circuits that permits tape-to-tape duplicating.

The SX-626 is powerful enough to operate a pair of large speakers, yet it's also versatile enough to handle small- and medium-range speakers for the man who's investment in stereo must be budgeted. 



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