Pass XA25 Class A Amplifier With 25 Glorious Watts


There are outstanding reviews out there for this model, which is absolutely pristine and working perfectly.

When you unbox this piece it will feel like you just purchased it new while simultaneously saving you a ton of money.

"Entering their 22nd year of production, the X and XA power amplifiers have remained at the cutting edge of audio through continuous innovation and refinement. At Pass we build amplifiers with excessive output stages, huge heat sinks and massive power supplies. We use the highest quality components in simple linear topologies, assembled and tested with great care in Auburn, California. They measure well and sound great. They are heavy, reliable and expensive."

"Its divine transparency blesses and illuminates every aspect of the music it touches, enhancing the subtlest aspects of tone, texture, microdynamics, space, and atmosphere." Stereophile / Herb Reichert 

"With my audiophile ears standing at full attention I noted that each instrument sounds like it's in its own "space" on my favorite recordings." CNET / Steve Guttenberg  

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