Pass Labs X0.2, Dual Mono Line Stage Preamplifier, Three Chassis


Like most super high-end audio preamps, the Pass Labs X0.2 features not only a dual mono design, but also a separate power supply section to make sure that the noisy bits stay away from the delicate bits.

Beautifully built in a solid aluminum chassis, and featuring both XLR and single-ended RCA inputs and outputs for every input or output.

This is a line stage preamplifier, meaning you will need a separate phono preamplifier if you have a turntable. But I assure you this is about as good and quiet and non-intrusive as *any* preamp gets.

Condition is very good with the front metalwork looking pristine. The case shows only the slightest signs of use. The display has slight surface scratches probably from cleaning or rubbing, but it does not interfere with the visibility of the display. 

It also includes *all* of the umbilical cords required to connect all three chassis together, plus a power cable.

Plus this comes with the original Pass Labs metal remote control, the original manual, and the original shipping cartons which will ensure safe transport.

(No Mono cable is included. If you would like to use Mono mode you must connect a single XLR interconnect between chassis.)

This X600 set is also an excellent match to the Pass Labs X600 Monoblocks, currently available as of this writing.

Please see the linked manual below or our last photo for full specifications:

Pass Labs X0.2 Dual Mono Line Stage Preamplifier - Owner's Manual

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