Pass Labs X-1 Two Piece Preamp, Complete & Perfect, Freshly Serviced by Pass


Stunning two-piece preamp from Pass Labs in perfect cosmetic and working condition.  Just came back to us freshly serviced by the manufacturer.

Fully tested in our lab and listening room and includes the remote and the original high quality box with packing materials. 

From a Posi+ive Feedback review, written by John Brazier:

"With the absence of any criticisms, it is not a stretch to assume that I believe the X1 to be near the top of the price/performance ratio. For the money, I do not think you can do better, especially if your preferences are transparency in the sense of wanting the preamp to get out of the way and let the other components do their job. My set-up has been going through a major overhaul over the last couple of years. Circumstances have been such that I have been able to chase the level of performance that I did not think I could ever obtain. The last piece of this puzzle has been the selection of a preamp. With the X1, I did not hear the need to look any further for the "right" unit to fit within my set-up. I now own the X1. Just give it a listen you will be amazed at what you don't hear; you might end up owning one too!"

Click here for a PDF copy of the Owner's Manual

4dB or 14dB
Gain adjustment menu setting
Number of volume control steps 32
Freq. Response
-3dB @ 2Hz, -3dB @ 100kHz 
Distortion @ 1KHz
<0.1% THD typ, 0.003% @ 2V 
Output Voltage
10 Balanced, 7 Single-ended
Output Impedance
360 Balanced, 150 Single-ended 
Input Impedance
66K Balanced, 33K Single-ended 
Number of gain paths 
Separate analog channels  No
Remote control Yes
Input voltage before overload  10 volts
-55dB 20 - 20kHz
Output noise floor
-125dBV ref to 10V output 
<95dB 1kHz, <75dB 20kHz 
External amp turn on    Yes
Single-ended only inputs 2
Balanced / single ended inputs 3
Mono operation setting Yes
Unity gain setting Yes
Power Supply External
Power consumption 25 watts
Number of chassis  2
2 @ 17"W x 3.5"H x 11.5"D 
Weight  46lbs


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Physical Condition


Working Condition


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