Ortofon Rondo MC (Moving-Coil) Blue Phono Cartridge, Just Refurbished


This fabulous MC (Moving-Coil) phono cartridge from Ortofon just returned to us after undergoing a professional refurbishment by the great folks at Vinyl Audio Science (VAS).

Looking and performing like new, and fitted with a brand new stylus.

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Ortofon MC Rondo Blue phono cartridge
The Rondo Blue cartridge sound is defined to be more expressive and will distinguish higher from lower pitched instruments- yet well controlled by the influence of wooden material.

The Nude FG 70 diamond is here mounted on a cylindrical aluminum cantilever again revealing a very flat frequency response passing 20 kHz including very high tracking ability at recommended tracking force of just 2, 3 gram.

Recommended load: depending on volume or dynamic in music might be around 50 Ohm or even lower.

The Ortofon Golden Ear Panel statement says:
The Rondo Blue cartridge sound is defined to be more expressive and will distinguish higher from lower pitched instruments - yet well controlled by the influence of wooden material. We find the sound picture will tend to suit customers liking orchestral music as well as smaller groups of instruments like chamber music, smaller choirs and solo instruments.

Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec. - 0,5 mV
Channel balance at 1 kHz - 1,5 dB
Channel separation at 1 kHz - 25 dB
Channel separation at 15 kHz - 18 dB
Frequency range at - 3dB -  20-35.000 Hz
Frequency response - 20-20.000 Hz ±1,5 dB
Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force  - 85 µm
Compliance, dynamic, lateral -  15 µm/mN
Stylus type -  Nude FG70 on Aluminium cantilever
Stylus tip radius -  r/R 5/70 µm
Tracking force range - 2-2,5 g (20-25 mN)
Tracking force, recommended - 2,3 g (23 mN)
Tracking angle - 20°
Internal impedance, DC resistance -  6 Ohm
Recommended load impedance - 10-200 Ohm
Cartridge body material -  Grinded wood/Resin comp.
Cartridge colour -  Blue
Cartridge weight -  10,5 g

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