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Odyssey RCM MKV Record Cleaning Machine, handmade in Germany

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Odyssey Rcm Mkv Record Cleaning Machine Handmade In Germany Accessory

Odyssey RCM MKV Record Cleaning Machine, handmade in Germany

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This is an Odyssey RCM MKV (Record Cleaning Machine) handmade in Germany by Dieter Molitor.

In very good condition with very little signs of use.

Includes the original manual and a brand new brush. 

$7499 MSRP 

"One of the worlds best vinyl record cleaners, made for the perfectionist."

The majority of record cleaning machines on the market make use of a slotted vacuum wand to remove the cleaning fluid from the surface of the LP.

While both the aesthetic appeal and price point of these machines varies considerably there are several constants.

This methodology tends to be extremely noisy, limited in ultimate suction and less than effective with even mildly warped LPs since contact between the slotted vacuum wand and the vinyl surface is compromised.

There is also the very real risk of cross contamination unless one is prepared to rinse the slotted vacuum wand with distilled or deionised water between LP sides.

Furthermore, when using two-step cleaning regimes consisting of a "home brew" or commercially available deep cleaning fluid followed by a rinse fluid, usually distilled or deionised water containing a wetting agent, one must employ separate applicator brushes and vacuum wands in order to avoid cross contamination.

There issues are effectively addressed with a different type of machine which employs a pivoted arm with a small vacuum nozzle rather than the more common slotted vacuum wand.

Such devices feature a continuous spoil of fine cotton thread which represents the only point of physical contact with the vinyl surface.

Because the contact area with the LP is very small and intimate at all times, regardless of LP warps, the vacuum is concentrated where it is needed most for the most effective removal of the cleaning fluid from deep in the groove.

The most well known nozzle-type record cleaning machine is arguably the Keith Monks unit from England.

Loricraft, also based in the UK, manufacture a lower cost variation of the Keith Monks machine.

It has lower build quality and fewer features compared to the Keith Monks unit, specifically lacking an on-board cleaning fluid pump and applicator brush, and it is let down by the fact that the reservoir for holding the spent cleaning fluid and cotton thread is located externally.

The Odyssey Mk V, takes all of the wonderful features of the original Keith Monks machine and extends and improves upon them. In this respect the build quality of the Odyssey is superior, the components are of an even higher tolerance and specification, and the unit is even quieter than the Keith Monks which is itself quieter than any other vacuum record cleaning machine extant.

Quite simply the Odyssey is THE perfectionist's record cleaning machine, a device that not only looks and feels "high end" in the truest sense of the term but is fully justified because, most importantly, it does a superior job in removing the cleaning fluid from your precious vinyl recordings.

The result is not only reduced wear and tear on both your LPs and stylus but also the lowest possible noise floor and thus maximum recovery of recorded detail.

This Odyssey is finished in beech. All of the high tech German-engineering is located under the lockable hinged stainless steel top plate.

While the Odyssey features a single internally mounted 700 mL cleaning fluid reservoir, electric fluid pump and deck-mounted applicator brush as standard equipment, a second set can be optioned to facilitate the most unobtrusive of two-step cleaning regimes imaginable.

This means no unsightly bottles of cleaning fluids out on display and no brushes laying around posing a cross-contamination risk.

The Odyssey is a true archival record cleaning machine.

This means that, unlike most slot-type vacuum machines, you can clean hundreds of records in a single session without risk of the vacuum pump overheating and without intolerable levels of noise.

The Odyssey is a very substantial unit measuring 42 cm (wide) x 44 cm (deep) x 36 cm (high) and weighing in at around 20 kg."

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