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Nordost Valkyrja Speaker Cables - Bi-Wire - 16'

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Nordost Valkyrja Speaker Cables - Bi-Wire 16

Nordost Valkyrja Speaker Cables - Bi-Wire - 16'

SkyFi 479

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Valkyrja is second to the top of the line from Nordost after their Valhalla series. This set originally retailed for $5000.

These are a 16' Pair of Valkyrja Speaker Cables, terminated with spades on the amp side, and spades/banana on the speaker side.

Incredible speaker cables, about as good as you can get, and very highly reviewed. In perfect condition 9/10 and well cared for. No packaging.

Here is a snippet speaking to their special construction from SoundStage (Full Review Available Here):

Valkyrja's design and execution are unique, owing much to Nordost's top-of-the-line Valhalla cables, which Nordost calls its "extreme reference." Valhalla has garnered tremendous praise from reviewers and audiophiles alike. Teflon Micro Monofilament construction made its debut with Valhalla, but new production methods and tooling have made for simplified manufacturing and lower costs for Valkyrja. While Valkyrja is not cheap at $2000 USD per meter pair of interconnects and $4600 per eight-foot speaker cables, it doesn't come in near the cost of many top-of-the-line offerings, including Valhalla, which costs $3300 and $7350 respectively.

Valkyrja speaker cable is eye-catching -- 1 1/2" wide and .39" thick, the same thickness as a credit card. Each positive/negative run has 28 22-gauge eight-nines copper conductors over which 60 microns of high-purity silver are extruded. Teflon monofilament is then wound around each of the conductors, after which the bundled conductors are encapsulated in .5mm of FEP Teflon, which gives the speaker cables their lavender hue. These painstaking processes are said to reduce the capacitance, inductance, DC resistance, and dielectric constant of the cables, improving their ability to carry the audio signal. The patented extrusion process and Micro Monofilament technology are proprietary to Nordost. One glance at the Valkyrja speaker cables will make you a believer -- they certainly don't look like traditional speaker cables.

Valkyrja interconnects use the same 28 22-gauge conductors of the speaker cables in the same spatial relationships, but this time the ribbon is shaped into a tube whose center represents an air dielectric. Again, electrical properties are "extremely low," as Nordost states it, allowing the cable to pass the signal at 94% of the speed of light. Faster than the Flash! The RCA connectors are worth mentioning because they are Nordost's own MoonGlo RCAs, which have a spring-loaded outer ground sleeve that retracts so the center pin makes contact before the ground, reducing the chance of sending a palpitation-inducing buzz through your gear if you change cables with everything on. They're nice.



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