Nordost Frey Speaker Cable - 2M


Amazing speaker cables in mint condition. 

Uses spade connectors at both ends.  2 meters in length.

Frey speaker cables are an incredible advance in performance from Nordost, using twenty eight of their best 24 gauge solid OFC conductors with their exclusive silver plating process. Nordost’s “Mono-Filament” design reduces insulation contact with the conductors by more than 80%, which translates into much better signal transfer. With an effective dielectric constant of 1.12, Frey speaker cables transfer signals much more efficiently than conventional designs and at extremely high speeds, to produce dramatically superb sonic performance"

"...with the Frey cables in place, my system rendered soft shadings and large scale dramatic swings with effortless aplomb."
– Victor Chavira, Positive Feedback

No music gets lost in the process, meaning Frey gives you a more direct connection to the music you love! As the perfect interface with any pair of loudspeakers, Frey speaker cables offer superb coherence, detail transmission and a realistic portrayal of the live-recorded event. The perfect solution for those who demand stellar performance from their music system.

"Frey is startlingly revealing without an oft-accompanying haze through which you also get the good and the bad. Somehow Nordost has managed to give more of the good musical information from recordings while organizing much of the jangled, messy noise right out of the playback chain."
– Kirk Mitdskorg, SoundStage!

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