Nordost Brahma AC Power Cable - 2 Meters


Nordost's Brahma is an incredibly potent AC cord. 15A.

Delivering truly outstanding dynamic range, Brahma also creates an extraordinarily life-like and detailed soundstage, revealing nuance and drama previously obfuscated.

Whether used on an amplifier or on a source component, Brahma is a substantial upgrade to any component.

"By delivering improved dynamic definition, resolution and transparency, the Brahma makes a real, musical contribution to the system, providing greater sense and legibility…Inserting Brahma into the mains loom quite simply broadens the excessive scope of the system." 
-- Roy Gregory, Hi Fi+ Issue 38

Brahma Power Cables are extremely neutral due to the use of their proprietary “Micro-monofilament” manufacturing technology. The result is a cable with an extremely efficient transfer of power resulting in a superb audio & video performance. 

Brahma is the perfect solution for optimizing the performance of Plasma Screens, Projectors and LCD displays as well as power amplifiers and other audio components.

"With the Brahma in place and [Johnny Cash's] 'Hurt' spinning we immediately noticed extra doses of spatial information we were getting from the recording and also the focus and detail delineation grew up to another level."
-- Audiodrom (CZ)

Nordost's power cords are winning awards all over the world.

We guarantee you will be just as impressed with their performance as we are. You'll hear much deeper into your recordings than you ever imagined!



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