Nakamichi RX-505 Tape Deck, 3 Heads and Featuring Unique Physical Auto Reverse


This is one of the coolest decks from the 1980’s-90’s featuring a unique mechanical auto reverse system.

Meaning to auto reverse/change the side of the tape being played, the entire tape actually FLIPS around while the heads and mechanism stay in place!

It was featured in several films at the time since it was just so cool of a feature and like nothing else out there, including 9 1/2 weeks starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke:

At the time Nakamichi though this was the most exacting way to reverse a tape since the heads were locked in place.

This system came in 3 models - the RX505, RX303, and RX202. All were ranging in features and performance, with the RX505 at the top of the range.

This particular unit was just serviced and is working very well. All of the belts were replaced, and the head was carefully aligned and calibrated. All functions are working as they should.

Overall condition is very good. The faceplate is near mint with all lettering intact and no signs or wear.

This listing is for the tape deck and the often lost or broken drive cover. Nothing else is included.

Please see our last photo or the linked manual below for full specifications and features:

Nakamichi RX-505 Tape Deck - Manual

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