Nakamichi 1000 MkII Tri-Tracer - Three Head Dual Capstan Cassette System - Survivor


Super cool-looking and well performing vintage tape deck from Nakamichi.

Equipped with 3 heads and an azimuth adjustment, just like the top-end decks such as the Dragon and CR-7A.

In great survivor condition.

Tested and working properly here in our lab and listening room. It clearly looks like the previous owner took great care of the machine while also keeping up with service.

While we did not restore this machine it tested very well on our bench and in our listening tests for a good period time, ensuring it meets our standards for sale.

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From the original Nakamichi Sales Brochure:
From initial design to final implementation, the Nakamichi 1000 represents the most advanced cassette deck ever made. Nothing has been spared to insure level of performance that rivals that of professional reel-to-reel recorders.

Noise has been reduced to the vanishing point. Speed stability is unconditional. Frequency response has been extended to beyond audibility. Particular emphasis has been placed on reliability and ease of operation.

To achieve these goals, conventional cassette technology had to be discarded and new, innovative solutions found. Foremost among them is the use of three completely separate heads for erase, record and playback.

Tri Tracer is the designation employed by Nakamichi Research Inc to describe a new generation of cassette recorders. Three head machines that for the first time rival the performance of professional reel-to-reel recorders in every important respect ie frequency response, noise, dynamic range, wow and flutter and absolute speed stability.

Specifications - "mkII"
3-Head, Single Compact Cassette Deck

Track System:
4-Track, 2-Channel Stereo

Tape Speed:
4.8 cm/s

Heads - 3 Discrete as Follows:
1 x Record
1 x Playback
1 x Erase

Tape Type:
Type I

Noise Reduction:

Frequency Response:
35 Hz to 20 kHz (Cr02 tape)

Signal to Noise Ratio:
65 dB (Dolby B)

Wow and Flutter:

Total Harmonic Distortion:

50mV (line)
0.2mV (mic)

1V (line)

20-11/16" x 11-11/16" x 8-5/8"

38 lbs.



Original Box

Not Included


Online Only


Not Originally Included


Yes - Power Only

Physical Condition

7 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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