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Nagra T-Audio Reel to Reel - A Swiss Masterpiece

Sale price$39,990.00
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Nagra T-Audio Reel To - A Swiss Masterpiece Tape Deck

Nagra T-Audio Reel to Reel - A Swiss Masterpiece

SkyFi 479

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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I've owned just about every professional reel to reel and nothing comes even close to this model. It is truly a work of engineering and art.

This version is perfect for an audiophile that will be using it for mostly playback as it does not have the meter bridge. There are LED VU meters in the front of the unit if you choose to make a recording.

I have serviced and calibrated the clutch mechanism and cleaned/lubricated the moving parts to ensure proper functionality. The heads show light wear and the motors are pulling, going strong and fast. The machine is recording and playing back brilliantly. It's a true pleasure to watch this unit do its magic.

The T-Audio is capable of just about any speed. Four are selected from the keypad, and internal dip switches let you assign others to the four buttons.

This machine will ship in a heavy-duty flight case strapped to a pallet with custom crating to ensure safe shipping anywhere within the lower 48 US States for a flat $500. If you're outside of this area please contact us for a quote as we can ship worldwide. Local courier in our general area is available for an additional fee, and Local Pickup is also available. 

Includes the original acrylic protective cover, 10" NAB adapters, one aluminum take up reel, and a power cord.

Other adapters for smaller reels also available on request.

Operating and service manuals can be downloaded and printed.

More from Nagra:
Manufactured from 1981 to 1994
Click here to view the original T-AUDIO (retro-cool) sales brochure

Two track analogue transportable recorder
First introduced in 1981, the T-Audio is a two track analogue transportable recorder intended for studio recording. It is designed to be trolley-mounted. With programmable combinations of up to 4 different tape speeds / EQ settings it can be entirely customized to different tape formulations, speeds and equalization parameters. Using a Twin-capstan tape transport system, it handles master tapes with a delicacy not before seen in a studio recorder.

Initially it was a stereo recorder / player aimed at the disk mastering industry. A monophonic model was also developed. A twin track version with an independent erase head for each track, and was aimed at the radio broadcast industry.

In 1984 a full time coded SMPTE / EBU version was introduced and became the industry standard for audio transfers for film applications around the world. The different models, although mechinically very similar, were easily identifiable by the removable control panel or “keyboard” mounted on the front. (The machine in the above picture is equipped with the TACA-TC keyboard).

The T-Audio manages rells up to 10.5 inches in diameter and can be equipped with a magnitude of different options and accessories for many different applications.

Different models were:
NTA-2S – Stereo Model
NTA-2M – Monophonic version
NTA-2B – Broadcast Model
NTA-2TC – SMPTE Time code model
NTA-3TCN – Time code without internal chase synchronizer
NTS-3TCS – Time code with internal chase synchronizer
NTA-3TCR – Time code with internal chase synchronizer and RS-422 serial contriol

The mechanics of all T-Audio machines are principally the same.

Brand Background:
Nagra is a brand of portable audio recorders produced from 1951 in Switzerland. Beginning in 1997 a range of high-end equipment aimed at the audiophile community was introduced, and Nagra expanded the company’s product lines into new markets.

Originally a product of the Kudelski Group, Nagra recorders are now developed, produced and sold by independently-owned company Audio Technology Switzerland S.A., based in Romanel-sur-Lausanne.

The machines were initially designed by Polish inventor Stefan Kudelski, and his company won numerous technical awards for their precision and reliability. Nagra means "[it] will record" in Polish, Kudelski's mother language.

Nagra-brand tape recorders were the de facto standard sound recording systems for motion picture and (non-video) single-camera television production from the 1960s until the 1990's.

Single Owner

XLR Inputs and Outputs, IEC Removable Power Cord.

General Sound:
Neutral sound with little to no coloration

Cosmetic Condition:
7/10 = Good. One or two minor scratches. Well Maintained. See our detailed rating description here.

Working Condition:
Working perfectly and tested in our lab.

Just the unit and power cord.

Recommended Cables:

Kimber Kable - XLR Interconnects

Kimber Kable - Power Cords

Will be packed using our highly developed in-house process and custom packing materials.Weight:
60 lbs.

Approximate Age:

Testing Process:

First steps are performed to determine if the unit is a candidate for our full restoration process or if it's just in need of a light service.

We first do a  basic functionality test to ensure proper playback fast forward and rewind.  We look for smooth operation of the motors, transport engagement and associated rolling parts.

We then do an internal physical inspection to ensure the belts and rubber consumable parts are up to spec.

Internal components are checked to make sure that there are no signs of heat stress or damage particularly in the power supply section.  Capacitors are checked for telltale signs of predictive failure including bulging, shrunken wrappers, or physical leakage. We also inspect the PCBs for discoloration from resistors or transistors that may have been running hot. On vintage units we often spot check select capacitors for value and ESR.

A light service will involve replacement of belts and rollers, external cleaning of heads, mechanism and boards and basic record and playback tests.

A full restoration will often include disassembly of the drive system and replacement of all consumable and wearable parts including pinch rollers, belts, brakes, bearings.  We then clean lubricate and re-assembly the drive and perform basic mechanical alignment to ensure proper tape path and head alignment.

Final calibration will involved adjustment of playback erase and record heads and optimization of the bias for a specific tape type.  We do this with the aid of a  Soundtech 1510A tape deck analyzer and a Nakamichi T100 unit and reference calibration tapes.

Final listening tests are done while monitoring with our reference Grado HP1 headphones and a variety of factory and custom reference recordings.  We find that there is no better system for critical listening on tapes than the headphones specially when comparing a live feed to a recorded feed.

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Nagra T-Audio Reel To - A Swiss Masterpiece Tape Deck
Nagra T-Audio Reel to Reel - A Swiss Masterpiece Sale price$39,990.00