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Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21, Multistandard 96-192kHz, 24-Bit Tubed DAC

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Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 Multistandard 96-192Khz 24-Bit Tubed Dac Cd + Digital

Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21, Multistandard 96-192kHz, 24-Bit Tubed DAC

SkyFi 479

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Limited edition DAC from Musical Fidelity that is an exact fit for the matching A308cr upsampling 24-Bit CD player that we also have available for purchase, along with the matching amplifier. 

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From a review:

The Tri-Vista 21 was a limited edition DAC sold in late 2004, early 2005. It was massively overbuilt - great power supply and output stage, and ran extremely long life 5703 milspec tubes, which are good for 100,000 hours. The unit is hefty, 20 lbs, and it has toslink and SPDIF inputs, and RCA outputs. The power supply is heavily regulated and has great chokes - Musical Fidelity built this unit to a spectacular degree. The feet of the unit feature LEDs that light up first orange then blue to signal when the unit has reached ideal warmup.

Compared to DACs of the day, the Tri-Vista outpunched its rather modest price - you had to spend about $5k to get DACs that bettered its sonic quality. The DAC upsampled redbook to 192k, and it dramatically improved redbook sources. If used with a CD transport, it favored high quality transports. Like all DACs of that era, it had no DSD support, nor could it take a USB input."

The front panel has a power on indicator LED, power on/off switch, discrete 96kHz indicator light, discrete 192kHz indicator light, digital coaxial input indicator light, optical input indicator light, and data locked indicator light (see below).

"The LOCKED data indicator LED on the front panel will light to show that the Tri- Vista 21 DAC has successfully locked on to the incoming data stream, and either the CO-AXIAL or OPTICAL LED shows which input has been selected."

The rear panel has stereo analog outputs via unbalanced RCA connectors, one optical digital input, one coaxial digital input, one coaxial digital output, a 96 / 192kHz selector switch (see below), and a power input so you can use your favorite power cord if you desire.

"The appropriate 96kHz or 192kHz light will indicate which sample rate is in use, but this can be changed by pressing the SELECTOR push-switch at the rear of the unit as required."

Tested in our lab and functioning right at manufacturer specifications.  Some light scratching and some scuffing on the top panel which we've reflected in our physical condition chart in this listing. 

*Please note that the Power LED does not function and it's missing the physical power button, but is completely operable.  Most audiophiles would leave the power on all the time anyway.

Technical Specifications:
DAC Architecture:  24-bit Delta-Sigma (Bitstream),dual differential, 8 times oversampling, 96 / 192kHz switchable
Sampling Frequencies:  8 to 108kHz
Data Types:  16, 20, 24 bit word lengths
Inputs:  RCA 75Ω, S/PDIF TOSLINK optical
Outputs:  RCA left and right analog audio, RCA digital loop out
Output Impedance:  50 Ohms
Frequency Response:  10Hz to 20kHz ± 0.0dB
Signal / Noise Ratio:  114dB “A”- weighted
Total Harmonic Distortion:  < 0.0025% 10Hz to 20kHz
Total Correlated Jitter:  < 135pS
Channel Separation:  < 109dB 20Hz to 20kHz
Linearity:  < 0.2dB down to -100dB
Audio Output at Digital 0dB Level:  2.17 Volts RMS at 1kHz nominal
Dimensions: 440mm, 17.3 inches wide, 105mm, 4.13 inches high (including feet) 375mm, 14.8 inches deep (including terminals)
Weight: 13.15 kg, 29 lbs. unit only, unboxed 15.2 kg, 33.5 lbs. in shipping carton

Click here for a PDF copy of the Owner's Manual



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