MIT Cables Magnum M2 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable Set with New Connectors, 12'

$2,999 $5,000

Like new 12’ set of M2’s.

The main pieces are 10’ and the tails are 2’.

Comes with new in package spade connectors all around.

This uses the interchangeable interface system which allows you to choose between the different types of connectors.

“The Magnum Series is clearly recognizable by the sheer size of the acoustic envelope it creates.

Added depth is the first thing people tend to notice when they first audition a Magnum M2 Speaker cable. Directional bass is usually next. Delivering clear, crisp attacks without ringing allows the Magnum M2 to excel at the accurate recreation of the original acoustic envelope.

Size, weight and smooth in texture, the M2 casts away all previous limits on Speaker cables at this price point. The lowest octave articulation knee point is an unbelievable 34Hz!

Sleek black finish with gold accents and connections.”

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