Mirage M1 Flagship Speakers - Huge Sound!


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This is a great and clean set of the well regarded M1 speakers from Mirage. Circa mid 2000's.

Most of these available today have faded or frayed fabric grills, but not this pair! Super clean just like the day they were produced. 

They're capable of filling a mid to large size room due to the number of drivers, and sheer size.

This is also their Bi-Wire version.

Technical Specifications:
Two-times three-way, bipolar, bass-reflex, dynamic loudspeaker.

Driver complement: two 8" polyflex-treated, carbon-filled polypropylene woofers with PVC/nitrile surrounds; two 4½" trilaminated carbon-filled polypropylene midrange cones with foam surrounds; two ¾" treated-cloth hyperbolic dome tweeters.

Crossover frequencies: 100/300Hz, 2.3kHz. Crossover slopes: most complex. Frequency response: on-axis, 25Hz–23kHz, ±2dB; 75° off-axis, 25Hz–10kHz, ±2dB. Sensitivity: 83dB at 1m for 2.83V. Impedance: nominal, 6 ohms; minimum, 4 ohms.

Dimensions: 60" H by 19" W by 12" D. Weight: 185

Price: $4000/pair (1989). Bi-ampable/bi-wirable version available for $5000/pair, which includes choice of color in finish (black is standard) (1898); No longer available (2006). 

Manufacturer: Audio Products International, 3641 McNicoll Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1X 1G5.

From a Stereophile review by Larry Archibald:

Overall, the Mirage M-1s have done the best job of bringing music into my home of any speaker I've spent time with. They are delicate, intimate, large-scale, and friendly in character; they will accept the music you like and make you want to listen to it. I think that first Kevin Voecks, then Ian Paisley, have done a fine job of engineering, making compromises, and ironing out details so that the problems of these speakers just barely intrude into consciousness.

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