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Meridian DSP7200SE "Digital Signal Processing Loudspeaker System" Speakers

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Meridian Dsp7200Se Digital Signal Processing Loudspeaker System Speakers

Meridian DSP7200SE "Digital Signal Processing Loudspeaker System" Speakers

SkyFi 479

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Upgraded to the SE version in 2014 at the cost of $12,500 by an authorized Meridian dealer.

Great condition with only the slightest signs of use. Fully tested, and working absolutely perfect.  

Comes with their original boxes for safe shipping. 

From Meridian:

The SE suffix indicates a number of changes to the DSP7200 that preceded it, not the least of which is a beryllium dome on the tweeter in place of an aluminium one. Beryllium is desirable because of its excellent stiffness-to-mass ratio, combined with an uncanny degree of self damping. The only drawbacks are cost and fragility. This model also has new DACs and amplifiers onboard, and even the driver baskets are new. These parts are available as an upgrade to existing DSP7200 speakers, but what isn’t an option are the clamp rings incorporated to increase the rigidity of drive unit fixing. This can’t be applied to earlier loudspeakers because the clamp rings requires a different shape of driver opening.

The biggest change that SE ushers in is something called the EBA (Extended Bass Alignment) firmware algorithm developed by Richard Hollinshead, the director of engineering at Meridian. EBA is essentially a means of time-aligning the output of the bass driver with the other drivers in the speaker. It introduces a 27 millisecond delay to the upper bass, midrange, and treble frequencies, which means the signal gets to the the lower bass 27ms before the other drivers. Richard did this because in loudspeakers (as opposed to acoustic instruments), bass notes arrive after higher notes because of the relative size of the drivers. It’s a state of affairs that some try to ameliorate by placing treble drivers further back on the cabinet, either by angling the baffle or putting a step in it. However, to replicate Meridian’s EBA physically, the tweeter would need to be several metres behind the bass units. This isn’t practical, so Meridian has created DSP filters that delay the signal sent to the upper bass, mid, and treble drivers, so the wave front that arrives at a listeners ears is time-coherent across the frequency range.



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