Meridian DSP8000 Flagship Powered Speakers


This is the flagship speaker from Meridian in its original DSP8000 form.

Very exclusive and difficult to source. We can’t find a single pair in the US for sale.

These particular units were sold new to one of our clients many years ago ($65,000) and were well cared for. A move and downsizing prompted this client to return them to us and we were happy to get a chance to hear them again. And wow - they are as nimble and powerful as we remembered. These are capable of over 118db mostly due to their 5 internal amplifiers (150W for each pair of woofers, 100W for the tweeter, and 100W for the mid).

We also have matching DSP5500 center and rears in case you’re looking for a killer home theater system. Simply click here to check them out.

The current version of these speakers (DSP8000SE) retails for $80k. There is an upgrade available from Meridian which brings these original speakers up to the SE designation by replacing the electronic pack and the tweeter resulting in an updated DAC as well. This upgrade is normally available for $20k, but we would be willing to upgrade them for you for an additional $15k saving you a full 1/4 off the regular price.  Just drop us a note if you're interested.

Condition is very good for its age. The gloss black paint is super clean and most buyers (except for the super critical ones) will be pleased. There is a hairline crack on one of the bass units on the side (see picture) but its barely noticeable. All the drivers are absolutely perfect and the amplifiers all work as they should. The grills are in good condition although a few of them have lightened in color a bit from sun exposure. 

While most people will use these speakers as part of a Meridian system, they will work very well as a stand-alone system. They feature two digital inputs and come with their own remote so it would make for a great, super simple digital system. Connecting a simple media streamer would result in a complete system capable of outperforming just about anything out there. We recently auditioned these with a Mytek Manhattan connected directly to the digital input and got amazing results. Simplicity at its best! A pairing with a Meridian Zone Controller would also provide a simple and powerful solution. Of course, you can also choose to integrate them with a full blown Meridian system as most will do.

This listing includes the speakers, power cords, and the Meridian remote.

There are many glowing reviews for you to read on the internet so I won’t go on and on about these. Keep in mind this is a flagship product from an amazing and innovative UK based company and they don’t come up for sale very often.

So if you’ve wanted a set this may be your best chance.

While the price tag may be high for a set of speakers, keep in mind they essentially include an internal amplifier, preamplifier, and DAC which in my opinion makes them a great audio bargain.

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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