Meridian Direct DAC - USB & S/PDIF - 24-bit / 192kHz


Lightly used and in perfect working condition. 

This listing includes the DAC and the original power supply.

Link to the Meridian Direct DAC support page for more information

From Meridian:

Meridian’s Direct is a high-quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) designed to deliver superior audio quality from digital sources and computers when listened to on analogue hi-fi systems. Built in Britain to the same exacting standards as any Meridian product, Direct is particularly useful for installations where, for example, a network player is to be connected to an existing analogue hi-fi system, significantly increasing overall audio quality.

The ideal add-on for network players, video streamers and music servers, Direct brings Meridian performance to an entire class of audio products.

• Offers plug and play operation with Macintosh computers, while a driver is required for Windows (XP or later); this is the same driver used for the Explorer DAC.
• Powered solely via the USB2 B socket, either when connected to a computer for playback or via the included power supply. The USB port is also used for firmware upgrades.
• A 3.5mm hybrid socket provides input for S/PDIF digital signals, either coax (via a 3.5mm mono jack) or optical (via a Mini-TOSLINK connector).
• Push button source selection for simple operation. When S/PDIF is chosen, the optical or coax input is selected automatically.
• LEDs on the left of the front cap indicate the selected input in conjunction with a push-button that steps through the available sources. The most recently selected input is remembered across power cycles. A further set of LEDs to the right indicates the input sample rate.

Direct is designed for connection to an analogue hi-fi or audio system with its own volume control, and is particularly appropriate for installation environments and networks. It is bit-precise, and delivers the lowest possible distortion and modulation noise.

• 1 x USB2 B socket for computer playback (24-bit, ≤192kHz)
• 3.5mm socket offering S/PDIF coax (3.5mm mono connector, (24-bit, ≤192kHz) • S/PDIF Optical (3.5mm Mini-TOSLINK, 24-bit ≤96kHz)

• 1 x analogue stereo pair (gold-plated phono)
• 2v RMS fixed

• 3 x Sample rate LEDs: 44.1/48, 88.2/96, 176.4/192 kHz sampling • 2 x Input selection LEDs. Input selected with input pushbutton: S/PDIF, USB • Optical/coax digital selected automatically

HEIGHT: 34mm [1.34in]
WIDTH: 80mm [3.15in]
DEPTH: 139mm [5.47in]
WEIGHT: 0.25kg (9oz)

• 5v <500mA DC via USB interface

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