Meridian 518 Digital Audio Processor - 72-bit - With Original Box, Manual, and Remote


Super clean and looks almost new.

There are many different ways this item can be used in your system/mastering studio/etc. Please see the manual linked below for full details.

More from a Stereophile review written by John Atkinson:

"The 518 is a successor to Meridian's 618 Mastering Processor, which has gained no small reputation in professional audio circles for the way it reduces 20-bit audio data to the 16 mandated by the CD standard without sacrificing sound quality. It adds considerable functionality, however, and in its most fundamental role can be used as a digital replacement for a system's conventional preamplifier, accepting the outputs of digital sources, allowing for volume control, and feeding its output either to a D/A processor/amplifier/speaker combination, or to a system based on Meridian's DSP-series powered loudspeakers, which have digital data inputs. (Bob Stuart: "At Meridian, we say there is no preamp like no preamp!")

Or it can be used like the 618: to make 16-bit recordings with resolution and sound quality approaching those of true 18- or 20-bit recordings.

Or it can be used as a sophisticated jitter-reduction unit that also allows the user to increase resolution, change the gain of the digital signal, and even to add or remove pre-emphasis."

Meridian 518 Digital Audio Processor Manual

Technical Specifications:

Meridian 518 Digital processor with infrared remote control

Capable of operating in three modes:
• "Type 0" Digital Control Center with digital source selection and digital volume control (1 dB step size)
• "Type 1" Digital Resolution-Enhancement Device with user selectable input/output data-word lengths, gain, and dither/noise-shaping (five algorithms available)
• "Type 2" Digital Mastering/Multimedia Processor

Digital inputs:
• Three electrical S/PDIF (RCA aka Digital Coaxial)
• One S/PDIF optical (TosLink)

Digital outputs:
• One S/PDIF (RCA aka Digital Coaxial)

Control inputs:
• Meridian "Comms"
• RS-232 (set to 9600/8/N/1)

Sampling frequencies:
• 32kHz, 44.1kHz, and 48kHz

Internal processing precision:
• 72-bit using a 24-bit DSP engine

12.6" W (320mm) by 3.9" H (100mm) by 12.9" D (352mm)

10 lbs (5kg

Price in 1996: $1,650
When Adjusted for inflation: $2,700+

Made in the UK.

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