Meridian 500 Series - 506 CD Transport with 563 DAC and MSR+ Remote


We really can't imagine what you could buy new today, for this price, that would out-perform this retro-classic looking Meridian duo.

Tested fully in our shop and listening room and working as it should. The drawer mechanism is smooth and responsive, the display is bright and clear, and the music that comes out of it is Redbook at its best.

In excellent cosmetic condition too with no signs of use or abuse.

Best of all it comes with a superb Meridian System Remote MSR+ which was an expensive option! 

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Meridian Audio  500 Series - 506 CD Player
Single Ended Output
506 - Original 16-bit version

Meridian 506 CD Transport Review

Meridian Audio 500 Series - 563 DAC
16bit DAC with 3x coaxial & 1x TOSLINK optical inputs. Dual differential delta sigma, 64 times oversampled at 2 bits per channel giving 19 bits resolution.
• 3x Digital audio unbalanced
• 1x AES/EBU balanced via XLR
• 1x Toslink optical
• Both unbalanced and balanced outputs.

Meridian 563 DAC Review



Original Box



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Physical Condition


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