Meridian 5-Channel Home Theater System, Complete, Stereophile Class A


A Complete Meridian Home Theater System with an original MSRP of $42,999.

"Meridian has long led the market with their highly acclaimed DSP loudspeaker designs. The current models have won a steady stream of awards. In fact the DSP6000 – which was introduced in 1990 – is the only loudspeaker to hold the coveted Stereophile Class A rating for eight successive years.

The Meridian DSP loudspeakers uniquely combine excellent acoustic and drive- unit technology, with multiple built-in power amps, performance-enhancing DSP and digital conversion systems." - Meridian Literature

This specific system is comprised of the following pieces: 

DSP6000 Left + Right Channel Speakers
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DSP5500 Rear Surround Speakers
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DSP5000C Center Channel Speaker
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G68 Digital Home Theater Processor with Meridian Room Correction
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Here's a Stereophile article regarding these amazing speakers:

"Cambridge, England's Meridian Ltd. has been making digital active (or self-powered) loudspeakers since 1990. Regarded as the best among the very few companies to offer such a product, Meridian has taken the concept to a new level by introducing three DSP-series loudspeakers with 24-bit/96kHz capability: the DSP6000, DSP5500, and DSP5000---all bearing the 96/24 suffix to distinguish them from their lower-resolution predecessors. Meridian introduced two 96kHz-capable subwoofers, the DSW1500 and DSW2500, at the 1999 Consumer Electronics Show."

Here's a glowing review on the G68 from Audio Video Revolution:

"At its price, the Meridian G68 is one of the finest AV preamps money can buy – and money can buy you a preamp costing upwards of $20,000 or even $30,000 at the ultra-high price points in the home theater industry today. For music, this combo performs with effortless perfection and handles movies with equal grace. Regarding video quality, I can’t say enough. If you have a local retailer and can afford this level of performance, don’t miss the opportunity to audition the pair. An AVR Top 100 Award for the G68 and G98 are no-brainers, if I have any say (and I do)."

Here's an article from Sound & Vision detailing Meridian Room Correction:

"Unlike typical room correction techniques, which rely on mid-to-high frequency equalization, Meridian Room Correction controls room modes at low frequencies, where problems are most noticeable. The technique is said to be extremely effective for obtaining good results for a broad range of listening positions, without the undesirable effects that often accompany other techniques - such as listener position dependence, ringing, pre-echo and loss of headroom."

This Meridian 5-Channel home theater system package includes/notes:
• All the original packaging and cables needed to function completely.
**This system will ship in all the original manufacturer provided packaging except for the tops of the DSP6000 boxes where we used the internal foam and made new individual double ply boxes.
All speakers detailed in this listing.
**DSP-6000 speakers include upgraded AudioQuest Power Cables.
• G68 digital processor with the original Meridian remote control.
• All items will be placed on two pallets and shipped via freight.
• The G68 digital processor and DSP5000C center channel recently came back from Meridian where they received a thorough official testing and servicing.

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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