Meridian 206 Compact Disc Player


Lovely unique and vintage CD player from Meridian. 

It features a twin-box construction, with the transport on the left and the main electronics on the right. The two 'shoe boxes' are joined together by the back plate and a metal strip below the player. The appearance is unique and elegant, especially the glass-fronted panels. The use of black enamel paint on the main chassis, combined with tough plastic and glass, ensures that the finish is durable and lasting in addition to being attractive. 

I believe this to be the later B version as there is a bitstream logo on the rear. 

The drawer assembly is unique in that the whole CD transport mechanism is moved in and out along with the drawer itself. This marries the mechanical advantages of a top-loading system with the convenience of a front-loading one. The transport mechanism is further isolated from the drawer with Sorbothane supports. 

The sound of the 206 is at once liquid, captivating, and refined. Bass is satisfyingly taut and punchy, while the mids are open and communicative. 

While the unit does not look new, it does not have any significant scratches or dings.  It works as it should and has been serviced and fully tested. 

Includes power cord and new remote. 

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