McIntosh XLR Audio Interconnects (Pair) - 1m - In Store Only

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1 meter length XLR cable pair from McIntosh.

Tested and working properly with only slight signs of wear.

More from McIntosh:
McIntosh Balanced Audio Cables are designed to enhance the ultra-low noise performance of McIntosh components such as amplifiers and preamplifiers.

McIntosh uses two balanced conductors with separate ground while adding fourth chassis ground to further prevent interference.

McIntosh balanced cables eliminate induced background noise leaving only pure music.

Balanced audio cables come with separate signal ground from chassis ground to enhance overall sound quality.

Conductor Configuration
Twisted Pair + Ground

Conductor Gauge and Material

Low Density Polyethyline

Copper Foil + 95% Coverage Copper Braid

Outer Jacket
PVC Jacket with Black Nylon webbing

Termination Connector
Gold Plated Brass XLR

Outside Cable Dimension

Unique Features
Separate Signal Ground from Chassis Ground

The SkyFi Testing Process for Cables:

Cables are generally pretty simple and do not require a great deal of testing. We do, however, perform a visual inspection of all of the connectors for damage or significant wear. Most power and interconnect cables can be verified with a simple continuity test with a digital multimeter. Some cables feature dielectric bias systems which are powered by external power supplies or batteries. These devices are checked for proper function if applicable.

We do not perform A/B comparisons of cables in real world conditions and cannot offer objective observations in this regard.



Original Boxes/Soft Cases

Not Included


Not Applicable


Not Applicable


Yes As Pictured

Physical Condition (Info Here)

8 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10 

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