McIntosh MX130 Preamp/Processor With Tuner


While the video section of this unit is outdated, the audio section is still relevant today and makes for a great full function audio processor. Especially if you like to use your system for music as well as video.

This MX130 is in great working condition and was thoroughly tested. The audio quality is very good, and the controls are responsive and fully operational.

And as a great bonus, this processor also has the optional McIntosh tuner module installed, incorporating FM and AM right into the unit. Just connect an antenna and you’re good to go.

Cosmetically it's close to perfect. The glass is mint, with all lettering intact. The knobs are clean and scratch free. The top paint shows no deep scratches or signs of rust.

All bulbs illuminate and function as they should, all controls are noise free, and the sound is fabulous McIntosh quality.

Please see our ending photos or the manual link below for full specifications.

McIntosh MX130 A/V Tuner Control Center Manual

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