McIntosh MX120 Home Theater Processor w/Dolby Digital, DTS-HD, PLUS Phono Input


While the video section of this unit is outdated, the audio section is still relevant and makes for a great full function audio processor. Especially if you like to use your system for music as well as video.

This MX120 is in great working condition and was tested against manufacturer specs. The audio quality is very good, and the controls are responsive and fully operational.

Best of all it will ship in a brand new McIntosh double carton, the only way to ensure safe transport. Never ship one of these in anything other than that as it will result in disappointment. 

Standout McIntosh Features Include:
• Balanced Inputs and Outputs
A pair of Balanced high level Inputs (assignable) and Front, Left, Center and Right Channel Balanced Outputs are provided.

• Moving Magnet Phono Input
There is a Precision Phono Preamplifier for Moving Magnet Cartridges.

• Pure Stereo Mode
When the Stereo Mode of Operation is selected for an analog source the signal is amplified with no digital processing placed in the signal path.

• HDMI Video Switching with Digital Video Processing
There are four HDMI Inputs and any Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video Input can be Up-Converted to a Component Video Signal and Digital Video Signal with the built-in Digital Video Processing Circuitry.

• External Eight Channel Input
An external eight channel signal processor can be connected to these inputs as well as a DVD-Audio Player or Super Audio Disc Player with a built-in processor.

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Kimber Kable - RCA Interconnects

Kimber Kable - XLR Interconnects

Kimber Kable - Power Cords

Please see the last photo or the linked manual below for full specifications:

McIntosh MX120 Home Theater Processor - Owner's Manual



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