McIntosh MVP-841 CD Player


While this unit is a bit outdated as a DVD player, it certainly makes for a superb CD player or CD transport.  

The laser in these units proved to be more reliable and serviceable than the equivalent CD player.   

Since the unit has both coax and optical digital outputs it can be used as a transport as well.  If you have a rack full of McIntosh equipment this is the least expensive way to get a matching CD player. 

All functions work as they should.  The drawer opens and closes smoothly, and the laser tracks quickly and accurately.  It passed our tracking tests with flying colors.  

We replaced all the lamps for the backlighting to ensure another 20+ years of hassle free operation.

We also performed an internal examination and ensured all critical power supply capacitors were leak free and within specification.   

Condition is near mint with no signs of wear or abuse of any kind.  The glass is perfect and so is the metal work.  The display is bright and evenly lit. 

Included is the CD player and the original remote.

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