McIntosh C28 Preamp - Fully Restored and Near Mint


This preamp was fully restored in-house and is working perfectly. 

Cosmetically it's close to perfect - the glass is perfect, the end caps are smooth and clean, and the paintwork is super nice.  It will be hard to find another in better condition. 

The C28 is the best preamp from this era in our opinion.  It's easy to service, has a low noise floor, great vintage looks, and every feature we would want.  The individual left and right tone controls are a nice plus.  

McIntosh Standout Features:
• Use 3 Tape Machines
2 with their own electronics and 1 tape playback deck with complete easy front panel switching

• Built-In Headphone Amplifier
Listen to your favorite music --- privately

• Main and Remote Loudspeaker Switching
Turn the main speakers on or off without affecting the remote speakers and vice versa (operates with accessory relay)

• New Low Noise Phono Input
Listen to your records with a new quietness

• Individual Channel Phono Level Controls
Match levels from different phono cartridges without degrading signal to noise ratio

• Individual Channel Output Level Controls
Perfect balance from your stereo always

• Individual Channel Tone Control Switches
Complete, repeatable flexibility

• New Compensation Control
One position for loudness compensation, one position is flat and a third position that adds presence compensation!

Please see the following PDF's for full technical specifications:

Click here for a PDF copy of the McIntosh C28 Sales Brochure

Click here for a PDF copy of the McIntosh C28 Owner's Manual

Click here for a PDF copy of the McIntosh C28 "If You're in a Hurry" Guide

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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