McCormack UDP-1 SACD/CD Player - Burr-Brown DAC's - Complete With Remote, Box, and Manual


This "Universal Disc Player" is working perfectly and will play your CD's, CD-R/RW's, and SACD's with ease. It originally sold for $3,999 in the late 2000's. 

Plus it will also read any DVD-A discs you may have in your collection.

Click here for a PDF copy of the McCormack UDP-1 Owner's Manual

Click here for an excellent 6moons audio review of the UDP-1 including a note that it was manufactured by Conrad-Johnson!

Click here for a Stereophile McCormack UDP-1 review by Kalman Rubinson

More information from McCormack:

The McCormack UDP-1 is an audiophile quality universal audio/video disc player, designed to extract the full potential of all digital disc formats. The UDP-1 will automatically recognize and play CDs, SACDs, DVD-As, DVDs, and more. Just select any entertainment disc and sit back to enjoy outstanding audio and video from a single player.

The McCormack UDP-1 Universal Disc Player is our new audiophile-quality player designed to deliver the full spectrum of musicality available from all of your discs, including the new high-resolution DVD-A and SACD audio formats (both stereo and multi-channel). Naturally, the UDP-1 provides outstanding performance from your CDs, CD-Rs, and DVDs as well. Compared to a piece of music recorded on a CD, these new high-resolution formats can provide more than a ten-fold increase in digital information. The UDP-1 has been designed to fully exploit this increased information content to enhance your listening pleasure. To extract the full information from these formats, the UDP-1 employs cutting-edge Burr-Brown DACs capable of handling DSD (SACD) data and up to 24 bit/192 kHz linear PCM signals.

For the ultimate in musical performance and ease of use, connect the six analog outputs of the UDP-1 to a McCormack MAP-1 multi-channel analog preamplifier.

Audio Specifications:

Output level (all audio outputs):
2.0 Vrms

S/N Ratio:
100 dB, A-weighted

Frequency response:
4 Hz to 44 kHz (DVD fs: 96 kHz) 4 Hz to 88 kHz (DVD-Audio fs: 192 kHz)

Total harmonic distortion:
0.05 %

19" W, 3.50" H, 11.25" D

Shipping Weight:
22 lbs

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