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MBL 111a Speakers - Super Unique and Amazing

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Mbl 111A Speakers - Super Unique And Amazing

MBL 111a Speakers - Super Unique and Amazing

SkyFi 479

Pickup currently unavailable

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We’ve often had the pleasure of hearing MBL's at industry trade shows, but never had the luck of having a set in our shop. 

These German designed and constructed beauties are super expensive and unique in design, with low production numbers.  A few months ago we got our chance to buy a set and have been enjoying them ever since.  You can see them setup in our listening room while powered with Rogue Audio Apollo "DARK" monoblock amplifiers, which is a match made in heaven. 

The 111a's are 4-way speakers utilizing unique and proprietary mid and high frequency drivers, which radiate sound across the room 360. Supplementing the two upper frequency drivers (where most of the holographic imaging comes from), the 111a's utilize a second lower frequency upward firing mid range driver, and an internal bass driver housed in a ported lower cabinet. 

The speakers are comprised of three detachable units: the lower bass cabinet, the high frequency cabinet, and the metal upper spire.  All removable for easy transport.

As you can imagine, this driver configuration generates the most holographic and spacious sound we've ever had the pleasure of experiencing in our well designed and constructed listening room.  Contrary to what we assumed, placement is not that critical, and we achieved solid results anywhere from 2 to 6 feet from the front wall.  Power-wise we recommend something in the 150-250W range for optimal results. 

These units are finished in a gorgeous satin black finish and in near perfect shape with no noticeable scratches or dents.  They are been very well cared for and it surely shows.  The drivers are all perfect and have been fully tested throughout the frequency range.

As for their "outside the box" look, they are very unique, exuding a very high quality construction and finish.  Aesthetically they will not work in some rooms, but with the right setting they could look amazing. 

Current MBL’s cost as much as an exotic car, so here is a chance to get a taste of the MBL magic and technology for a faction of the cost.

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