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Mark Levinson No.33H Reference Solid State Monoblock Amplifiers

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Mark Levinson No.33H Reference Solid State Monoblock Amplifiers Amplifier

Mark Levinson No.33H Reference Solid State Monoblock Amplifiers

SkyFi 479

Pickup currently unavailable

479 South Broad Street
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Legendary reference monoblock amplifiers from renowned US maker Mark Levinson (Made in the USA).

Although they are conservatively rated at 150W per channel, they are able to deliver over 250W as long as your AC outlet can handle it.

These are Stereophile Class A recommended components of the highest quality and performance.

Originally sold for close to $20k. Quite possibly the last amplifier you will ever buy.

The form factor is unique as they take little floor space and can be placed next to the speaker in order to use the shortest speaker cable possible.

There are several options on the back to manage the power on/off state of the amps including Mark Levenson’s proprietary communications port and 12V triggers.

In addition you'll find single ended and balanced inputs, as well as a dual set of speaker terminals in case you'd like to bi-wire both ends of the cables.

Condition is very good with no signs of use or abuse. There are no significant scratches or dents and the paint/coatings are super clean.

The capacitors have been serviced by an authorized service center and are ready for another 20+ years of trouble free operation.

Units will be professionally double boxed for safe arrival.

From Stereophile:
Finally, the big Levinson is a powerhouse of an amplifier, comfortably exceeding its rated power. Specified at 150W into 8 ohms, it actually didn't clip (defined as 1% THD+N) into that load until 265W (24.2dBW)! And the wall AC supply, at 114.5V, was starting to droop—this means that, with its own dedicated 30A line, this amplifier will probably put out 300W into 8 ohms.

Fig.8 Mark Levinson No.33H, distortion (%) vs output power into (from bottom to top): 8 ohms, 4 ohms, and 2 ohms.

Into 4 ohms, the maximum output power almost doubled, to 500W (24dBW); into 2 ohms, 900W was available (23.4dBW). (The wall AC voltages for these power figures were 113.3V and 112.5V, respectively.) As we don't have a dummy 1 ohm resistive load capable of sinking the almost 2kW that the Mark Levinson is presumably capable of putting out into this load, I wasn't able to check its clipping power into 1 ohms. However, the fractional decibel drop in dBW each time the load is halved suggests that this amplifier behaves as an almost perfect voltage source.—John Atkinson


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