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Magnum Dynalab MD 205 Signal Sleuth FM Amplifier

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Magnum Dynalab Md 205 Signal Sleuth Fm Amplifier Accessory

Magnum Dynalab MD 205 Signal Sleuth FM Amplifier

SkyFi 479

Pickup currently unavailable

479 South Broad Street
Glen Rock NJ 07452
United States


A must-have piece to get maximize the potential of your antenna and tuner. 

Super clean, tested and working as it should. MSRP $549.

Link to manual:

More from Magnum Dynalab:

• 3 Stage FM tuner amplifier
• Unique in the world because it only amplifies the station you are tuned to up to 30 db.
• You can also decrease the signal by up to 30 db. If you are experiencing overload from a close station.
• Steeply rejects by 18 db. Per octave all other stations
• By-pass mode
• Tuning knob tunes to the station you wish to amplify
• The gain knob allows you to boost the signal or decrease it.
• Detachable power cord.

Signal Sleuth FM Signal Amplifier Uncovers the Full Potential of FM Signals

It's elementary, my dear Marconi. Even a superb tuner can only do so much if the FM signal itself needs first aid. Bring fringe stations to full health and enjoy mediocre stations to the max with the Magnum/Dynalab Signal Sleuth. Quite possible the ultimate FM accessory, the Signal Sleuth has awakened many FM enthusiasts to all the brightness and depth that possible with a stronger FM signal.

Amplifies Weak FM Signals—Turns Marginals into Maestros

Signal Sleuth is an outboard FM signal amplifier that you use in conjunction with your own FM tuner or receiver. It amplifies weak FM signals cleanly, attenuates strong, harsh signals without coloration, stabilizes FM antenna (and FM cable) signals, separates interfering adjacent-station signals, and reduces multipath problems.

Along with establishing a clearer, crisper sound, Sleuth establishes and maintains a useable FM program signal level. In most cases, this will eliminate the annoying "flip-flop" stereo-to-mono-to-stereo switching usually experienced with many FM tuners having non-variable, automatic "blend" circuits.

Enhanced FM Depth and Realism

Thanks to the more substantial signal detected and maintained by the Signal Sleuth, you will experience more of the depth and realism that is being broadcast from stations with "fine arts" quality, program signals. It can help turn marginal broadcast signals into full-voice maestros.

Fully tunable with a "hi Q," 600 kHz bandwidth, the Signal Sleuth provides a bypass setting—so you can retire your tireless FM detective when the strongest stations don’t require any help. With its direct "in/out" antenna signal switching system, instant A/B comparison is always available, enabling you to hear what you're missing without the aid of the Sleuth.

Works with Any External Antenna

Signal Sleuth works in conjunction with any external FM antenna, from wall-mounted single dipoles to rooftop multi-element, stacked arrays. Needless to say, the better your FM system—tuner/receiver and antenna—the better the results you'll reap from the Signal Sleuth.



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