Magnepan Tympani I-D Speakers - Vintage


These are in fact speakers, not privacy screens at a Covid testing site.

I like watching the reaction of folks that hear these speakers for the first time. They are simply stunning and capable of producing a HUGE soundstage and very real bass response.

Back in the 1970's and 80's these were quite the rage and lunched Magnepan into a great long-lasting American brand. They were often paired and sold with Audio Research tube amps which we confirmed provide great results.

These are the later I-D version and we have gone over them very carefully. I repaired some of the jumper cables at the hinges and also carefully cleaned the fabrics which look to have been replaced at some point.

These tend to be a great alternative to a box speaker and can blend much better into some room decors. You can also have the fabric replaced with a pattern or something that better matches your decor which can raise the "Wife Acceptance Factor" or WAF.

We have a Magnepan box for these and can ship them via freight anywhere within the lower 48 US States for $700. We can also deliver via courier for less if you're within striking distance. Give us a ring if this applies so we can discuss.

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