Magnepan Model MG-1B Magneplanar Speakers "Survivors"


Most of these vintage Magnepan speakers that come to our shop unfortunately arrive damaged, stained, or disfigured.

However this time we were lucky enough to get a super super clean set in a category that we call a survivor.

The cloth on these is super nice and has a great patina to it, which matches the light oak wood on the trim. 

Both bases are sturdy, and the speakers sound phenomenal. Especially when playing Jazz. 

None of the drivers exhibit any issues whatsoever. There are no rattles, squeaks, hums, or anything of that sort typical of vintage Mangepans. These have been well cared for and we suspect they were in storage for a good part of their lives. 

There are not as big as some of the current Magnepans but they throw a very realistic full-range sound-field. Beter than most vintage speakers in our shop. 

These will come to you in their original packaging which will ensure safe transport to your home. They have been thoroughly tested so ensure there are no issues when you set them up in your home.

Please note these are a a little bit power hungry, so be prepared to use at least 100WPC to power these properly. They will work in a mid to small sized room.

Do not expect tremendous amounts of bass. If you need that sort of style you might want to add a subwoofer. They do have quite a bit of realistic mid and bass punch, so the average person will be more than pleased with these. 

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