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Luxman CL-35 MK-III All Tube Vintage Preamplifier - From Japan

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Luxman Cl-35 Mk-Iii All Tube Vintage Preamplifier - From Japan

Luxman CL-35 MK-III All Tube Vintage Preamplifier - From Japan

SkyFi 479

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This is the 3rd and best iteration of the legendary CL-35 preamp from renowned Japanese maker Luxman.

It's an all tube unit utilizing no less than 7 tubes in both the line and phono sections. 

The bass and treble tone controls have 3 separate frequency ranges for perfectly tuning your fussy vintage speakers and getting the most out of them.  If you are a purist, simply engage the tone defeat switch.  

There is a low cut filter capable of eliminating the low end rumble from a turntable, and a high cut filter in case your tape source suffers from any sort of hissing.  

There are two phono inputs in case you have a dual arm table or even two turntables as many audiophiles do nowadays.  

Condition is stunning for a preamp this age.  Faceplate is super clean and shiny, free of any pitting or discoloration.  The cabinet is robust without any signs of peeling or discoloration. 

Best of all it functions like the day it left the factory.  Tone controls are quiet and switches are responsive and accurate.  The phono stage is super quiet and the tubes have been tested and pass with flying colors. 

If you are looking for a matching tube power amp we have tons of Luxman pieces listed in our collection in both stereo and mono configurations.  

I doubt there is a finer example of this wonderful piece out there, so if you've been considering a vintage preamp and you've got this sort of disposable income, this might simply be the best you're going to find.  If you don't care about condition or reliability there are plenty of cheaper examples on eBay.  

Luxman CL-35 MK-III All Tube Vintage Preamplifier - Manual


Vacuum TUBE Linestage
Vacuum TUBE Phonostage

Frequency Response
10Hz~30kHz ±0.5db

Total Harmonic Distortion
0.08% or less at 2V out

Output Voltage
Norm: 2V at <0.05% THD
Max: 20V at <0.30% THD

Input Sensitivity at 1V out
Phono 1: 1.3mV
Phono 2: 1.3mV
AUX 1: 130mV
AUX 2: 130mV
AUX 3: 130mV
Monitor: 130mV
MIC: 0.6mV
Center MIC: 0.8mV

Input Impedance
Phono 1: 30kΩ, 50kΩ, 100kΩ
Phono 2: 50kΩ
AUX 1: 110kΩ
AUX 2: 200kΩ
AUX 3: 110kΩ
Mic: 33kΩ
Center Mic: 75kΩ

SN Ratio (IHF-A)
Phono 1: 75db
Phono 2: 75db
AUX 1: 85db
AUX 2: 85db
AUX 3: 85db
Monitor: 85db
MIC: 63db
Center MIC: 63db

Phono Equalizer
RIAA ±0.3db

Tone Control
NF with selectable curve-points
Low-pass curve-point: 150Hz, 300Hz, 600Hz  
High-pass curve-point: 1.5kHz, 3kHz, 6kHz
Defeat switch

Low cut: 30Hz and 70Hz, -12db/oct
High cut: 5kHz and 9kHz, -12db/oct

Tape monitor switch and terminal
AC electrical outlet
Socket for optional MC step-up transformer

Tubes & Semiconductors
Tubes: 5-12AX7, 2-12AU7
Diodes: 4-DS16A, 4-DS16C4

Power Supply
AC120V, 50Hz/60Hz

Power Consumption
30 Watts

18.7" Wide
7.5" High
18.8" Deep

27 lbs 



Original Box








Physical Condition


Working Condition



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