Logitech Transporter, Audiophile Streamer + DAC + Roon Compatible Endpoint


This was quite the item to have several years ago. The small company that designed this very robust and forward thinking streamer tech "Squeezebox" was Slim Media, based out of Silicon Valley. Logitech eventually purchased the company and rebranded the technology.

In overall very good physical condition with some light scratches and scuffs on the top of the aluminum (not plastic) chassis. Display is free from issues. The center control knob can sometimes feel like it sticks, maybe a "feature" of the "dynamic tactical feedback" touted in the manual, but it easily moves again and works 100% in our testing.

Super cool digital VU meters on the right of the display make this a standout feature in your AV furniture or rack.

Tested in our shop on Ethernet and Wi-Fi as a Roon endpoint. Ethernet was much more reliable and is our recommendation over using Wi-Fi.

You can also use this as a super capable DAC as it features a set of single-ended RCA and XLR outputs. 

Digital inputs include AES/EBU, Optical Digital Toslink, Coaxial Digital. There's even a Word Clock input if you have compatible Hi-Fi gear that supports. Quite a high-end feature!

The macOS Logitech software server to stream music over your network is only compatible with older versions of macOS. I believe the same applies for the Windows version. Really not needed anyway as Roon is by far the superior and leading choice for streaming music stored on your local network (PC/NAS/Mac/Server).

More details courtesy of an archived Crutchfield review by Tara W:

The carefully engineered and superbly built Logitech Transporter gives you convenient access to your digital music collection while delivering maximum sound quality. This component-style player connects to your wired or wireless home network and streams music from your PC, including high-resolution lossless and uncompressed audio files.

High-grade construction and electronics
The sturdy aluminum chassis houses a sophisticated low-noise power supply that helps keep sound quality pristine. This player features a high-performance AKM AK4396 digital-to-analog converter that boasts excellent dynamic range and low distortion, for impressively accurate reproduction of all your favorite music.

Connections for audiophile sound systems
You get an array of digital and analog outputs for hooking up the Transporter to your home audio system, including optical and coaxial digital, BNC, RCA, and a set of balanced XLR connections. Four types of digital audio inputs allow you to connect additional audio sources and use the Transporter as a high-quality, stand-alone digital-to-analog converter.

Built-in Wi-Fi for easy setup and expandability
Setup is as simple as downloading the SlimServer software to your PC and adding the Transporter to your home network. The player also acts as a wireless bridge — you can connect a network-capable audio/video component, like a gaming system or home theater receiver, via an Ethernet cable. The Transporter will connect that device to your wireless home network.

Simple, intuitive controls
The Transporter's front-panel control knob provides touch feedback so you can feel it move from item to item in a scrolling list. When you reach the last item, the knob stops turning. This intuitive system makes it a snap to select your tunes on the Transporter's bright display. Quickly scroll through your entire music collection by artist, album, genre, or playlist. You can even create and save playlists on the fly. Interchangeable visualizations allow you to customize the front-panel displays. Select from "VU meters," song information, or even weather and sports data you can stream from the Logitech SqueezeNetwork website.

Product highlights:
• streams music from your computer for playback on your home audio system
• connects to your wired or wireless home network
• supports playback of lossless music files (Apple, FLAC, WMA), uncompressed files (AIFF, WAV, PCM), and compressed files (MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MP2, MusePack, WMA)
• works with iTunes, MusicMagic, Live365, RadioIO, Shoutcast and Windows Media® radio
• compatible with Internet radio stations
• plays songs from Rhapsody digital music service — subscription required
• plays personalized Internet radio stations from Pandora — subscription required
• AKM AK4396 digital-to-analog converter
• dual configurable front-panel displays
• TransNav™ front-panel control knob with dynamic tactile feedback
4 digital audio inputs (optical, coaxial, BNC, balanced XLR)
4 digital audio outputs (optical, coaxial, BNC, balanced XLR)
2 analog audio outputs (1 pair RCA, 1 pair balanced XLR)
minijack headphone output
word clock input for use with an external word clock generator
RS-232C port for use with home automation systems
remote control

• 17"W x 3"H x 12-1/4"D with included feet

Logitech Transporter - Owner's Manual

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