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Linn Wakonda Analog Preamp - With Rare PHONO Input Module

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Linn Wakonda Analog Preamp - With Rare Phono Input Module Preamplifier

Linn Wakonda Analog Preamp - With Rare PHONO Input Module

SkyFi 479

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479 South Broad Street
Glen Rock NJ 07452
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Great "almost vintage" preamp from Linn, and a perfect match to the Klout amp and Linn speakers also listed on our store (click here to view).

This is the rare version which includes the phono input module to directly connect your turntable without the need for any other interface.

It's in overall great condition with no significant scratches, just a few light scuffs.

Tested in our lab and working perfectly. Your purchase also includes a Linn compatible remote control and manual.

Full specifications available from the manual linked here:

Linn Wakonda - Owner's Manual

View & add our recommended cables from Kimber Kable:

RCA Interconnects

More from Linn:

The Linn Wakonda Pre-amplifier is designed with the unique upgrade flexibility to incorporate either a Sneaky Kudos tuner or Sneaky line driver or line receiver modules and become part of a flexible multi-room system. No other pre-amplifier offers open-ended functional upgradeability and the ability to sonically outperform other much more costly pre-amplifiers.

The Wakonda can adapt to changing needs and desires and can be used as the basis for any type of hi-fi system, from the highest quality audio to the most flexible multi-room system. Here is a product that could as easily be chosen as part of a quality stand-alone system or as a integral component in a larger sophisticated system designed to distribute audio throughout the home, like Linn Knekt Multi-room System.

The performance advantage of the Wakonda is the result of experience gained in the design and construction of the Magic control amplifier, Linn’s first product to incorporate upgradeability in the form of Sneaky modules. The Wakonda shares these same design principles, benefiting as the Majik also does, from high-density surface mount circuitry. Linn’s unique design approach gives the Wakonda a performance capability far beyond what is normally expected.

A headphone output is also provided in the Wakonda without degrading the sonic integrity of the source signal to either headphone output or line inputs. This is achieved by a separate internal output stage, specially designed for headphone use, which does not corrupt the signal on route to the line outputs.

The SkyFi Testing Process for Preamplifiers:

We start with a visual inspection of all internal components to make sure there are no signs of stress or aging. Capacitors are checked for telltale sings of bulging or leaking, resistors are checked for signs of overheating or cracking, and transistors are checked for signs of stress or damage. Special attention is paid to the power supply which is the most common source of failure for preamps. We then power up the unit and run a simple 1k sine wave while monitoring the low voltage output on an oscilloscope for signs of distortion or noise to get a baseline.

At this point we will lubricate and clean all switches and potentiometers (that are not sealed) with a high quality contact cleaner, and then re-test all functions for any signs of noise or scratching.

Final testing involves putting actual music through the preamplifier We have learned over time that some issues are only noticeable to a trained ear while listening to a familiar source material. Our test bench has reference vintage KEF speakers that we are super familiar with which will quickly reveal any discrepancies. Some preamps will then move into the listening room where they will be tested with our in-house reference system.

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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