Linn SIZMIK 10.25 Subwoofer in Cherry


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Featuring a built-in 500W RMS amplifier, capable of 1000W peak power. Tested and working 100%.

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Linn SIZMIK 10.25 Bass Reinforcement Loudspeaker Manual

The SIZMIK 10.25 and 12.45 are bass reinforcement loudspeakers designed for use in high-performance audio and audio/video entertainment systems. SIZMIK loudspeakers have been engineered to accurately reproduce the lowest frequencies of audio signals in order to enhance your enjoyment of music and movies.

Your SIZMIK loudspeaker’s features include seven adjustable parameters. These parameters give you precise control over the audio output from the loudspeaker, allowing for the performance of the unit to be altered to better reflect the characteristics of your other audio components and the acoustics of your room.
The SIZMIK loudspeakers incorporate CHAKRA, the very latest proprietary Linn power amplifier technology. CHAKRA perfectly combines the speed and precision of integrated MOSFET circuitry with smooth and highly robust discrete bipolar transistors for precisely controlled power at all listening levels.

Like the rest of Linn’s loudspeaker range, the SIZMIK bass reinforcement loudspeakers exemplify our commitment to use the latest technology in order to continually improve the quality of our products. We are certain your SIZMIK loudspeaker will provide you with many years of superb performance.

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