Linn Mimik CD Player


Linn Mimik CD player in good working and cosmetic condition.

Featuring a nice bright front display with no playback issues.

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More from Linn:
Linn's expertise in the design and production of source products has been recognised since the introduction some 21 years ago of the LP12 turntable, which revealed the enormous impact a quality source component could have on the performance of a hi-fi system. Continuing commitment to accurate music reproduction led Linn to develop its other outstanding source products - the Kremlin FM tuner, the Karik CD player and the Numerik D-A Converter.

The Mimik is true to Linn's innovative engineering tradition and offers exceptional value, ease of use and performance. The Mimik will enhance the sound of almost any hi-fi system and, when combined with the Linn Majik control amplifier and Sekrit loudspeakers, an outstanding entry level Linn system can be configured. As with all Linn equipment, this system not only offers true high-fidelity performance, but also creates a system which can be upgraded and expanded for many years to come.

Designed to satisfy the needs of the many thousands of music lovers who remain committed to vinyl and have been waiting for an affordable quality player to allow them to access CD to the standard they expect, the Mimik delivers the performance and value they have been waiting for.

The Mimik is available only through Authorised Linn Retailers all of whom have comprehensive demonstration, installation and service capabilities. They will be pleased to advise customers on all aspects of their hi-fi and can arrange to let them experience what the Mimik can do in their own home.

Product Features
• Non-degradable solid-state switching and microprocessor control
• Delta-sigma converter for accurate data conversion
• Reliable, shock-resistant transport, and easily replaceable laser pickup assembly
• Advanced error correction to tolerate imperfect disc quality
• Industry standard digital audio interface to work with external D-A Converter
• Two audio outputs for primary system and distributed sound

Audio Outputs
Connectors: 2 pairs RCA phono
Level: 2 Vrms (for peak code)
Impedance: 100 Ohms
Min Load: 1000 Ohms

Digital Output
Connector: BNC
Format: S/P-DIF
Accuracy: 44.1kHz +/-50ppm

Conversion Technology
1 Bit Delta-Sigma

Mains Supply
100/120/220/240V +/- 10%

Power Consumption
< 20W

W 320 x D 326 x H 80mm


Linn Mimik CD Player - Owner's Manual



Original Box

Not Included


Online Only


Not Included


Yes - Power Only

Physical Condition

8 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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